Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 1712 Like a Pro!

One of the top-notch accounting solutions, QuickBooks desktop software, incorporates frequent updates to enhance security and improve compatibility. Due to these periodic updates, QuickBooks desktop software stops launching and re-installing. This is the main reason QuickBooks error code 1712 came into existence. This issue generally appears when the user installs QuickBooks into the primary, prominent, or host system.

QuickBooks Install Error 1712 Image
QuickBooks Install Error 1712 Image

Before jumping into the solution, it is more important to identify the main reason for occurring QuickBooks installation error code 1712 and the symptoms. We have discussed some briefs about the issue, causes, signs, and methods to fix such errors. Let’s dive into the insights into this problem and all the possible techniques to resolve it below. 

Causes behind QuickBooks installation error 1712

QuickBooks error code 1712 can come into the picture after the uninstallation and installation of any program that requires a reboot after processing. Some of the probable causes behind this error include-

  • The user’s system comprises damaged data files in the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Some changes that have been altered in the software within the same system.
  • The users are trying to install the QuickBooks software in a damaged and coded holder.
  • Some malicious software, including spyware, adware, and the virus, attacked the system.
  • There are some corruption and registry errors in the QuickBooks software.
  • Updates in the QuickBooks software.
  • The user has installed another version of QuickBooks in the system, interrupting the installation of any other QuickBooks version. 
  • The system window has multiple registry errors.
  • The user’s account for signing into the window does not have authority over the installation.
  • The user is not using the latest updated window in the system. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks install error 1712

The user may encounter the following error message that helps them to detect the QuickBooks error code 1712. Most of the users get error messages such as-

  • We are sorry!  something went wrong with your installation
  • Error 1712. One or multiple files are required for the restoration process of your computer.  

Besides that, some other symptoms and signs are also there, which helps the user to detect the QuickBooks error code 1712. These symptoms include-

  • Input or output error
  • Appearing blue screen on the window
  • Http error
  • Systems and working not properly
  • Improper installation of QuickBooks software 
  • QuickBooks desktop software completely freeze.

Apart from that, the error can also come into existence due to missing one or more components.

Here are some solutions you can try to get rid of QuickBooks Error Code 1712.

Ensure you follow every step in the same order mentioned below and do not skip any step.

Method 1: Shut all the processes in the Task Manager

  1. Press the “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” key combination on your keyboard.
  2. Out of all the options, select “Task Manager.”
  3. In the “Task Manager” window, head to the “Processes” tab.
Close QBW32.exe process Screenshot
  1. Select the processes/programs you want to end related to QuickBooks and then tap on “End Processes” in Task Manager.
  2. After ending the processes, reboot your system.

Method 2: Track Application Data in Registry

  1. Head to the “Registry Editor,” which can be found by typing in the “Start” menu’s search bar.
  2. Under the “Registry Editor” window, look for “regedit.exe.”
  1. Now, enter the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders.
  2. Click on the “Entry AppData” twice.
  3. After clicking on “Entry AppData,” change the “Original Value” with the “Local Profile Path.”
  4. Finally, reboot the “QuickBooks” and look for errors.
HKEY_CURRENT_USERS Registry Screenshot
HKEY_CURRENT_USERS Registry Screenshot

Method 3: Use QuickBooks Tools Hub Program

Step 1: Run the Quick Fix My Program feature of QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • Download or update the QuickBooks Tools Hub by logging in to the QuickBooks Solution Desktop app
  • Open the QuickBooks Tools Hub from the icon present on the desktop after the installation.
  • In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, go to the “Program Problems.”
  • Opt for the “Quick Fix my Program” tab.
Run Quick Fix My Program Screenshot
Run Quick Fix My Program Screenshot
  • After completing auto-repair, close the Tools Hub and try reinstalling the “QuickBooks” desktop app.

Step 2: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from Tool Hub

  • Open the tool hub program and go to the “Installation Issues” tab.
  • In the “Installation Issues” tab, opt for the “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool” option.
Installation Issues tab in Tool Hub Image
Installation Issues tab in Tool Hub Image
  • Download and install “QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool Hub.”
  • Shut all the background apps and run “QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool Hub.”
  • Now, look for “I am having problems installing QuickBooks” and click on the “OK” tab.
  • End all the processes and reboot the QuickBooks Solution Desktop App.

Method 4: Provide Admin Rights to the QuickBooks Software

  • Head to the “Start” button and search for “Control Panel.”
  • Go to the “User Account” in the Control Panel.
  • According to the version of QuickBooks you are using, look for QBDataServiceUserXX.
    For example: For QuickBooks Software 2020, you’ll have to look for QBDataServiceUser30.
  • In the “Change Account Type’ option, choose “Administrator.”
  • Click on the “Apply” button and save all the changes.

Method 5: Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop App

  • Press the “Start” button on the “Control Panel.”
  • In the “Control Panel,” click on “Programs/Features.”
  • Select the current version of QuickBooks you are using and uninstall it.
  • After uninstalling the app, go to the official website of QuickBooks.
  • Go to the “Downloads” section and download the premium edition according to the technical requirements of your system.
  • Again, follow the installation process step-by-step and carefully every detail.

Method 6: Look for the Windows Update

  • Head towards the “System Settings” from the “Start” menu.
  • Now, choose “Update and Security.”
  • Go to the “Windows Update” tab.
  • Check for any available updates, and if available, download and install them.
  • After installing the updates, restart your system and open the “QuickBooks Solution Desktop App.”

Following any one technical method given above for resolving QuickBooks error code 1712 will unquestionably help you to eliminate this type of problem. However, if you are stuck on detecting and troubleshooting this error, then contact us with the given contact number i.e., 1-800-615-2347. Our QuickBooks error support professional team will be glad to assist you in this matter.

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